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Currently there are 2 – 4 million people that die every year in developing countries due to polluting cook stoves and tens million more get seriously ill. This is a result of the approximately 3 BILLION people that still cook over traditional wood and charcoal cookfires on the ground. The smoke, toxic emissions, and particulates cause respiratory infections and cancer, just from daily cooking. This problem predominately affects women and children since they are often the ones cooking in the homes. When the mother in the family dies from a respiratory infection or cancer this often has extremely negative consequences on the family and the children aren’t able to go to school, often ending up homeless on the streets. There is also the tens of millions of cases where a family member gets sick and needs medication, even the cost of $50 for antibiotics can plunge a family into extreme poverty…and there are three billion people who are at risk every day and every meal.

This is why we developed a biomass cook stove that burns as clean as a natural gas stove. Better yet the designed stove burns agricultural biomass waste. Agricultural biomass waste is the leftovers from the mass farming of crops across worldwide. Corn, rice, wheat, coffee etc all have husks, cobs, stems and plant parts that are left as waste after the crops have been processed. These highly underutilized waste be-products are often dumped and having little or no value. In fact over 500 billion tons of agricultural biomass waste is produced annually, that’s every year. And the best part is, since its waste, its free.

The stove is designed so it can efficiently and cleanly burn different types of biomass waste fuel. A family that uses the stove they can cleanly burn renewable agricultural biomass waste as fuel instead of buying wood and charcoal.

This benefits users in many ways:

1.       Clean burning = mom and kids aren’t exposed to toxic emissions whenever they are cooking dinner

2.       Agricultural biomass waste is free = savings from purchasing fuel will pay for the stove in under a year (also lets not forget about the savings from not having to pay for medicine or medical expenses from respiratory infections and cancer!)

3.       Renewable energy = reduce mass deforestation

4.       Reduce toxic emissions = cleaner air and cleaner earth

5.       Stoves are assembled and distributed locally in target market countries providing good paying jobs to local men and women

Currently we are looking parties that would be interested in opportunities for distribution and sales in the Philippines and expanding to other countries in the near future.

We need to start production to providing clean cooking stoves to people that need it the most! But that comes with some significant start up costs. We are raising $20,000 to pay for initial manufacturing costs as well as setting up distribution, sales and training for Filipinos.

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The new burner top increases the mixing between combustible gases and secondary air to produce a hotter, cleaner flame.


The new control air control valve combined with a super efficient burner results in a very user friendly stove. The user can focus on cooking instead of maintaining a fire as with traditional fuels.



The powerful fan provides plenty of air and plenty of power. The only stove with pressurized primary and secondary air which means greater efficiency and lower polluting emissions.


Optimized primary/secondary air ratios provide efficient fuel usage and smaller carbon footprint.



JJQUAD, LLC. is a company dedicated to developing and implementing engineered solutions to serve the needs of economically developing people groups of emerging and developing countries. We design energy, agricultural, food, and shelter products for sustainable business opportunities to produce products in-country that are affordable, offer great value, and will benefit the end user. The goal of our products is to provide opportunities for a better quality of life for consumers and producers that ultimately lift them out of poverty.

Our vision is to design and implement engineered solutions to bring about improved quality of life for economically developing people groups for a greater purpose.

1. Focus on mobilizing local resources by design, consultation, and production.
2. Enable a better quality of life through efficient, engineered solutions and skills training.
3. Concentrate on renewable energy, food crops, and community health and housing.
4. Facilitate self-sustaining, profitable, and locally owned enterprises to produce engineered products.



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